What we do

We combine business logic, financial expertise, and programming skills to develop planning and reporting applications across all aspects of the built environment.

Those applications provide our clients with better analysis, faster. They provide more insightful, consistent and joined-up information about operations or investments. That analysis enables more, accelerated investment decisions and process efficiencies - with directly tangible social or environmental impacts.

Better analysis, faster
Insightful and visual
Automated and reliable
Joined-up data

Who we are

VIA Analytics exists to help in the evolution of successful, sustainable and happy places.

We are TECHNOLOGY LED in everything we do, constantly looking at new and improved ways of working and delivering better analysis, faster to our clients.

We are HUNGRY TO EVOLVE. We are motivated people who enjoy their work and embrace change.

We are DETERMINED TO MATTER. We want to be an exciting and meaningful organisation, creating or accelerating positive social or environmental outcomes with every piece of work we do.

Our work

We develop data environments and build financial planning or performance reporting applications to help you meet your business objectives.

Services include strategic consulting, reporting and KPI review, data organisation and warehousing, visual reporting and dashboarding. We offer Excel modelling and PowerBI implementations, and are focussed on building cloud based planning and performance reporting applications for multiple users.

The benefits of our services


Cloud based

A centralised, online evidence base, providing one source of the truth.



Reducing the load on BI and IT teams whilst reducing the risk of human error.



Up-to-date data sources, providing accurate, timely insights and analytics.


Business logic

Planning and forecasting algorithms developed in conjunction with sector experts.



Easy to read, visually attractive reports delivering analysis with the required level of detail.



Consistent, scheduled reports allowing for internal tracking, and external benchmarking.

Our projects

Our focus is on developing multi-tenanted platform applications, working collaboratively with sector experts. Recent examples include C-Path, BLA and Twine. We are particularly keen to work with clients and partners who share our interest in drawing the links and learning the lessons across and between the components of place.

Our Clients

Our clients are stakeholders in the development of successful, sustainable and happy places, including central and local government agencies, investors, property developers, housing associations, cultural and leisure providers, and community organisations.